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This website is designed to inform patients and families about the exciting new era of genomic cancer research and the targeted cancer therapies this research makes possible. Here you will find information to understand targeted therapies, learn how they are developed, and gain access to the latest information on genomic research, cancer treatments and clinical trials.  

At Mass General Cancer Center, individuals diagnosed with cancer have always received personalized cancer care. Our team approach to cancer involves all cancer specialists including medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, and pathologists who together provide each individual with personalized care based on an accurate diagnosis, best treatment for your type and stage of cancer, access to clinical trials and the latest in translational research.

Recently, the term “personalized cancer treatment” has taken on new meaning with advances in cancer research that have led to tumor genotyping and targeted therapies that focus treatment on a particular gene or mutation.  

Technology developed at the Cancer Center enables researchers to test all tumors for a large variety of cancer-causing genes and mutations. New targeted therapies are developed from this combination of information as well as new insights into what mechanism or change in the cell may cause it to become resistant to a targeted therapy. Finding more effective and robust treatments for a patient whose tumor has become resistant to therapy is a primary focus of research at the Termeer Center at Mass General Cancer Center.

The pace of research and the development of new treatments is rapid. A targeted therapy that is not available today may be available tomorrow. Remember that there are many treatments available that can successfully treat cancer.
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Getting tested in one of the first steps in learning what targeted therapy may work for you. 

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