Other Resources

The Cancer Resource Room
The Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Room at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center provides cancer patients and their families with information and resources for living with cancer. The Resource Room’s experienced clinical staff are here to listen and help you find answers to your questions. Visit us for information to help you make decisions about your care. We offer print publications, DVDs, relaxation CDs and access to medical journals. We are a place you can relax, work on a puzzle or enjoy our weekly Take a Break with other patients and families. Visit us in the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care, Suite 8C or call us with your questions at 617-724-1822 (toll-free at 866-724-6737).

The Center for Molecular Therapeutics 
The Center for Molecular Therapeutics focuses on developing better ways to match tumors with targeted drug therapies to maximize the likelihood of a clinical response. The broad objective of this Center's research is to identify molecular genetic features of a tumor that predict responsiveness to the various small molecule targeted therapies that have either recently been developed or are in early clinical development. Some of these drugs have been found to be highly effective in inducing remissions in a fraction of treated patients, and it is becoming increasingly clear that molecular features, or "biomarkers," that correlate with drug-responsiveness can be identified in these patients. Such findings can be of great value in designing clinical trials of new cancer drugs as well as in optimizing the clinical benefit of approved drugs.
The Healing Garden
The Howard Ulfelder, MD Healing Garden provides patients and their loved ones a nearby escape from the stresses of illness and the often-bustling, clinical hospital environment. Conveniently located on the 8th Floor of the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care, the garden features an enclosed pavilion for use in all four seasons and an exterior section with pathways, a fountain, and seating to accommodate both individuals and small groups.

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