Our Team

Darrell Borger, PhD

Dr. Darrell Borger is co-director of the Translational Research Laboratory (TRL) at the MGH Cancer Center and an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Borger co-developed a cutting-edge cancer genotyping approach under the banner of “SNaPshot” testing. His advances in broad-spectrum mutational profiling have supported a personalized medicine program by helping clinicians tailor drug choices to susceptible molecular alterations identified in a patient’s tumor. His oversight of a cancer biomarker laboratory has further expanded the ability to identify molecular markers of drug response that can further stratify cancer patients into the most appropriate clinical trials. Together, these laboratories support the early-phase clinical trials program at the MGH Cancer Center.
Dr. Borger received his PhD from the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine in Biomedical Science and received his post-doctoral training at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in tumorigenic mechanisms and pathways. By focusing his research on uncommon tumor types, Dr. Borger has identified new molecular alterations that have lead to the expansion of clinical offerings to underserved cancer patients. His accomplishments in cancer genetics have been reported across numerous media stories and peer-reviewed articles.