The MGH Cancer Center Targeted Cancer Care website serves as a unique resource for patients, health care providers, researchers and others who wish to learn about the rapidly advancing field of targeted cancer therapy. This site provides a large body of up-to-date information developed by experts in the respective fields. In addition and most importantly, the site also allows patients and providers to search for specific clinical trials relevant to individual patients based not only on their type of cancer, but also on results of new tumor molecular assays that are being performed for a growing number of cancer patients.
We hope that this site will help patients and health care professionals keep abreast of the latest developments in cancer care. More than that, we aim to help guide key next steps for both patients and their doctors. Whether it is learning where and how to pursue tumor molecular testing, finding out which clinical trials might be the most promising for an individual patient, or keeping up with the latest developments regarding a new therapy, we hope that the Targeted Cancer Care site will serve as a central resource that will facilitate both knowledge and action.
In order to be most useful, the knowledge base content is provided in two formats, for health care professionals and for patients and families. In either case, the site can be easily navigated with user-friendly search functions. Content is frequently updated, and specific contact and referral resources are provided for those seeking more information regarding any type of cancer.
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